Newly Launched International Built Environment Week (IBEW)

30 Nov 2018

Singapore is set to see a new flagship event for the Built Environment sector next year. Jointly organised by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Reed Exhibitions Singapore, and supported by 12 Trade Associations and Chambers, the inaugural International Built Environment Week (IBEW) will be held from 4 to 6 September 2019, with the theme “Transforming the way we build”.

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Are you ready for the region's most comprehensive event for the built environment?

27 Feb 2019

Amid global challenges like climate change, rapid urbanisation, and digital disruptions, it is timely to transform your business and turn these challenges into growth opportunities. 

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Meet the Experts at IBEW 2019

26 Apr 2019

The International Built Environment Conference (IBEC) is the leading conference on the built environment in the Asia Pacific.  With 4 months to go, we are pleased to announce our IBEC speakers. Gain insights from these global leaders and industry experts as they tackle head-on some of the most pressing issues facing the built environment sector and discover innovative technologies and solutions that can transform your business and turn challenges into growth opportunities.  

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Gain first-hand insights into the latest technologies that boost construction productivity

3 June 2019

Amidst global challenges like climate change, rapid urbanisation and digital disruptions, it is opportune to ride on the winds of change to transform your business.

At IBEW 2019, you will be introduced to game-changing technologies and digital tools, as well as the latest planning, design and construction methodologies such as Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA).  Find out how these innovations can help boost construction productivity and transform the way you build!

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The Importance of Sustainability to the Future of the Built Environment

18 June 2019

Sustainability remains high on the agenda for the built environment players. The effects of climate change is globally felt. The way we build has changed and will only continue to transform further. Beyond the building-level, taking system approach at district-level planning is increasingly viewed as the leading solution toward a sustainable future for all of us. That is not all. Our global financial system is also waking up to the climate risks at the same time as low carbon technologies become more competitive and affordable.

Join us at IBEW 2019, as we drive the green building agenda further!

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IBEW 2019 Leadership Plenary: Towards a Shared Vision

25 June 2019

Sharing a common vision and effective collaboration are key to driving transformation and innovation.  This is especially important for the built environment sector, where challenges are getting increasingly complex and solutions needed require greater competencies and collaboration across the value chain.

Join our Leadership Plenary speakers as they share insights on how you and other industry professionals can advance together in this climate of uncertainty and complexity, and bring about transformation to the built environment sector and beyond.

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Here's Your Chance to Learn From The Best!

2 July 2019

We’re just 2 months away from Asia Pacific’s most comprehensive event on the built environment, and seats are filling up fast!  Have you signed up for IBEW 2019 yet?

Complete your learning experience at the IBEW with our specially-curated tours!  There are eight tours to choose from – sign up today to experience and learn from some of the best-in-class projects in Singapore!haring a common vision and effective collaboration are key to driving transformation and innovation.  This is especially important for the built environment sector, where challenges are getting increasingly complex and solutions needed require greater competencies and collaboration across the value chain.

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What Lies Ahead?

11 July 2019

We live in an era where change is the only constant.  Smart solutions and technological innovations have changed the way we design, build and manage buildings.  What will the built environment of the future look like? The possibilities are endless.

Join our expert speakers as they share their vision and be inspired to shape the next chapter of our built environment.

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It's Time for a Revolution!

23 July 2019

Digitalisation has taken hold of almost every market possible, and the built environment sector is no exception.  As we embrace the digital age, we can look forward to boosting our businesses in terms of performance and profitability with the aid of technology.

Hear our expert speakers as they share how future and digital technologies and innovations will revolutionalise and shape the transformation of the built environment sector. Join the discussion and learn key technology trends that can serve as engines of growth for your business.

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From Zero to Hero

31 July 2019

As we celebrate milestones in our sustainability journey, the race to combat climate change through zero-net carbon emissions remains a real challenge.

While a concerted effort by the government and relevant NGOs is important in pushing this sustainability agenda, it is equally important for the industry to lead by example, by adopting the right technologies and methodologies at every aspect of a building’s lifecycle – from design and construction to operation and maintenance, to reduce carbon emission. 

At IBEW 2019, we will showcase some of the most sustainable projects in Singapore. Gain insights into the benefits and challenges in implementing sustainable, net-zero energy solutions and learn how these solutions can also be applied to your developments.

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Smart Buildings - Are you ready for the next frontier? 

 7 August  2019

The adoption of smart facilities management (FM) solutions, from systems integration and digitalisation to the use of automation to control, monitor and manage building assets and services is upending traditional building management approaches.

These solutions, which are deployed throughout a building’s lifespan, are aimed at mitigating challenges brought about by ageing property, rising operation and energy costs, manpower constraints and higher user expectations.

Join our experts at IBEW 2019 as they share insights into how you can also leverage smart technologies to optimise your building operations and maintenance, bringing about greater efficiency and savings.

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Raise Your Mastery Here! 

 15 August  2019

The exponential growth of urban population globally is spurring the need for affordable housing and reliable social, transportation and utility infrastructure. Today, we need to construct quickly and efficiently, without compromising on long-term sustainability. Are you ready for the challenge?

At IBEW 2019, we have developed a series of technical masterclasses just for you. From BIM and DfMA to building envelope design, there's something for everyone! Join fellow professionals to gain valuable insight and learn valuable tools of the trade from industry experts.

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What Makes a Great Exhibition?

 22 August  2019

The four anchor exhibitions at IBEW 2019 are specially curated to address the trending and diverse needs of Asia Pacific’s built environment sector.  Covering the entire built environment lifecycle and value chain, this all-in-one platform will showcase the industry’s technological prowess and accelerate the industry' transformation.

  • BEX Asia - Integrated design and planning space
  • Innobuild Asia - Construction 4.0
  • MCE Asia - Energy efficient solutions and renewable energy
  • SCB Asia - Latest digital advancements in the built environment sector

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It's the Final Countdown

 29 August  2019

We’re just 4 days from IBEW 2019, the first fully-integrated event in the Asia Pacific covering the entire built environment lifecycle and value chain!  Are you as excited as we are?

IBEW 2019 is set to accelerate the industry’s transformation, providing the platform for meaningful dialogue and knowledge sharing for more than 12,000 built environment professionals.  Come learn from the best and discover how we can advance the way we design, build and operate!

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Thank You for Making IBEW 2019 a Success!

 27 September  2019

The inaugural International Built Environment Week (IBEW) 2019 concluded on a high note, and we’re pleased to have hosted more than 12,000 participants from over 50 countries and regions over the four days. With your continued support, we will be even bigger and better next year!

2019 is a year for transformation.  In 2020, we will celebrate innovation. IBEW 2020 will continue to be the platform where you can learn from the best.  We will provide opportunities for growth and collaboration, and continue to seek partners from the region and beyond, to transform the way we build.

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